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Owojuyigbe Oluwole Sunday


 NAME:    OWOJUYIGBE, Oluwole Sunday 

PRESENT JOB DESCRIPTION: Chief Lecturer, Biochemistry at  The Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State, Nigeria.     

MOBILE PHONE:    +2348063185120; +2348065919919; +233(0)241572438        


DEPARTMENT:    Science Laboratory Technology 

SCHOOL:    Applied Sciences 

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:    14-09-58; Ijebu-Jesa 

NATIONALITY:    Nigerian 


No. OF CHILDREN:   Four (4): 1989, 1993; 1995; 1998 

NAME AND ADDRESS OF   NEXT-OF-KIN:    Mrs. A. B. Owojuyigbe, P. O. Box   1211, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. 



1. Academic Qualifications

(a) W.A.S.C., Division One/Federal Government College, Warri 1970-1974 (b) H.S.C. Federal Government College, Warri 1974-1976 (c) Diploma in French/Université de Clermont-Ferrand, France  1977-1978 (d) B.Sc. (Biochemistry)/University of Ibadan, Nigeria  1976-1977/1980-1982 (e) M.Sc. (Biochemistry)/University of Ibadan, Nigeria 1990   

2. Awards and Distinctions:

(i) The American Starr Foundation Scholarship Award for a   Higher Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Ibadan. 1990.          



1. Details of Professional Experience at Federal Polytechnic, Ede

i) Committee Membership/Administrative Functions/Contributions to the Polytechnic     

(1) Member of Polytechnic Research Committee 1994 – 1996   (2) Chairman of Departmental Project Committee  1994 – 1995 (3) Chairman of Departmental Social/Welfare Committee  1996 – 2000 (4) Unit Head of Chemistry 1993 – 1995 (5) Sub-Committee member of the Polytechnic Ceremonial   Committee 1995 – 1999  (6) Polytechnic Sports Committee member 2000 – 2006 (7) Acting Chairman Sports Committee 2004 (8) HOD of Science Laboratory Technology    2000 – 2004      (9) Member of Academic Board 2000 – 2013      (10) Principal Consultant to the FedePoly Consult on Poly   Pure Water Production 2001– 2002 (13) Director of Sports & Chairman Sports Committee 2006 -2009 (14) Chairman Sports Committee  2009 –2010  (15) Project Manager, STEP-B (World Bank Projects)  2008-2013 (16) Chairman Security Committee 2010-2013 (17) Chairman Fund Raising Sub-Committee of Local Organizing Committee of NIPOGA 2011, 2010-2011  (18) Dean, School of Applied Sciences 2011-2013  (19) Chairman, Committee of Deans 2011-2013



Published journal articles

1. O. O. Olorunsogo, F. O. Agbolade, S. O. Owojuyigbe, J. A. Adebisi, O. Adebayo and W. G. Okunade (1990): Comparative Action of Calpain on Erythrocyte Ca2+ - pumping ATPase in Sickle Cell Anaemia, Essential Hypertension and Kwashiorkor.  Bioscience Reports 10 (3): 281-291. 

2. W. B. Tomori, O. S. Owojuyigbe and Tuedor Smart (1997/1998): Investigation of The Possible Acidification of Surface Waters in Ibadan City.  Spectrum Journal 4 (1 & 2): 75-80.

3. O. S. Owojuyigbe (2003): Studies on the effect of heat on the beta- carotene contents of different Nigerian Palm-Oil samples.  Accepted for publication by La Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse, Vol. 80 Sept.-Oct. 2003 (Milan, Italy)

4. O. S. Owojuyigbe and Oyewole, O A (2007): Investigating the effect of heat on beta-carotene; free fatty Acid and Peroxide Value In Different samples of Red Palm Oil. International Journal of Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Technology.vol 2, No 1

5. Oyewole, O A, Ogunmola O.O. and Owojuyigbe O.S. (2007): Determination of the fatty Acid and Oils in Nigerian Market. International Journal of Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Technology.vol 2, No 1

6. Abibu M A, Taleat A A & Owojuyigbe O S (2008): Extraction and chemical Evaluation of Hura Crepitans Linn Oil. International Journal of Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Technology.vol 1, No 1

7. Fakoya, A., Owojuyigbe, O. S., Fakoya, S. and Adeoye, S. O. (2014): Possible antimicrobial activity of Morinda lucida stem bark, leaf and root extracts. African Journal of Biotechnology. vol. 13(3), pp. 471-475.


(1) Resource Person at the Third National Seminar on “Managing Resources for Effective Manpower Training in Science Technology Organised by the N.B.T.E., Kaduna (February 2002). 

(2) Total Project Management Workshop 25th - 29th Aug 2008 at Centre for Management Development Lagos 

(3) (STEP-B) Proposal Writing Workshop 19th -21st May 2009 at Kaduna Business School 

(4) International Certificate of Training Project Management 27th November 2009 at Cape Town, South Africa.  

(5) International Certificate of Training MS Project 4th December Cape Town, South Africa. 

(6) Strategic Management of Educational Programs and Projects. (L.T.ASSOCIATES INC., Washington DC. USA) September 20 – October 8, 2010.


F.CURRENT RESEARCH INTEREST: Herbal Medicine Research and Toxicology

PhD Advisors: Dr. Caleb Kesse Firempong and Dr. Christopher Larbie