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Dr. Charles Apprey

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Name:                         Charles Apprey, PhD

Telephone no.:            0243826275

Email address: 


Research Interests:    Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional intervention through the life cycle and in diseased state.


Ongoing projects:      Antioxidant and Micronutrients level in cardiovascular diseases.

                                   Micronutrients supplementation among infants.

                                    Physical activity and fitness among school aged children.

                                    Evaluating effect of some phytochemicals in reducing lipid profile among individuals with cardiovascular diseases.  


Selected Publications 

  1.  Charles Apprey, Reginald A. Annan, Fareed K. N. Arthur, Samuel K. Boateng and Janet Animah. (2014). The assessment and prediction of malnutrition in children suffering from cancer in Ghana. European Journal of Experimental Biology4(4):31-37.
  2. Apprey Charles, Christopher Larbie, Reginald A. Annan, Fareed K. N. Arthur, Samira Abdulai Saiku, Doris Berkoh and Alex Osei-Akoto (2015). Effects of chemotherapy and disease burden on Nutritional Status of Children undergoing chemotherapy for Burkitt’s lymphoma. Der Pharmacia letter 7(2):95-99.
  3. Apprey Charles, Larbie Christopher, Arthur Fareed K.N, Annan Reginald A., Appiah-Opong Regina, Tuffour Isaac (2015). Anti-proliferative effect of isoflavones isolated from soyabean and soyamilk powder on Lymphoma cell (DG 75) and Leukaemia (CEM) cell lines. British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 7(3): 206-216
  4. Apprey Charles, Arthur Fareed K.N, Annan Reginald A., Larbie Christopher, Osei-Akoto, Alex. Soyamilk powder intervention in Cancer chemotherapy treatment.
  5. Annan RA, C Apprey C, M Babine, NA Kumah, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, KNUST. Dietary intake patterns and their associations with dyslipidaemia and blood pressure in adults in Kumasi.

 LECTURE NOTES                           
1. FTECH 486                                                                                                                 

  1.        LECTURE 1: Introduction to Nutrition and Health


2. BIOL 158

  1.        LECTURE 1: Carbohydrates
  2.        LECTURE 2: Chemistry of Amino Acids
  3.        LECTURE 3: Proteins  
  4.        LECTURE 4: ENZYMES 
  5.        LECTURE 5: Vitamins and Coenzymes